Virginia Slims are narrower (23 mm (0. 91 in) circumference) than standard cigarettes (hence, “Slims”), and are also longer than normal “king-sized” cigarettes (which are 85 mm (3. 3 in)), sold only in longer 100 and 120 mm (3. 9 and 4. 7 in) lengths, to give the cigarettes a more “elegant” appearance and ostensibly to reduce the amount of smoke they produce. They are also sold in “Superslims”, “Light,” (now called Gold), and “Ultra-light,” (now called Silver) varieties. All packings are available in menthol and non-menthol. The original packaging was designed by Walter Landor, and was white with colored stripes running lengthwise along the left side. In 2016, the package design was updated to replace the stripes with a more floral, mottled appearance.