The Naked Juice Company was created in Santa Monica, California in 1983 by Jimmy Rosenberg and David Bleeden. The name came from the pair’s affinity for nude sunbathing. Rosenberg began on a small scale, producing the fruit drinks at his home and selling them under the “Naked Juice” name in-person on the beaches in Santa Monica. [citation needed] The packaging design changed with a re-branding across the Naked Juice line in 2005, which was credited in part for helping Naked Juice pass the former industry leader in terms of annual retail sales, Odwalla. [citation needed] As demand for its products increased, so did the complexity of distribution. Due to the composition of its juices – namely the purposeful lack of preservatives – Naked Juice beverages are highly perishable, must be kept below 38 °F, and have a shorter shelf life than some competing products. [citation needed] In order to alleviate potential supply limitations in early 2006, the company opened two new direct delivery centers in Sacramento, California and Seattle, Washington.